Small business owners sometimes have zero clues when it comes to link building. Sometimes, even though they have been exerting search engine optimization efforts for some time, they still couldn’t achieve the goals that they have set for their business. If you are one of those frustrated small business website owners, take a look at these link building tips for 2016 and you might achieve the goal that you have been working on.

Form Partnerships With Local Organization

If your goal is to target people in a specific geographical area, one of the best ways to establish a great online presence is forming partnerships with local organization. By doing this, they can place your link on their website, which will add up to your excellent backlink.

Create A Resource Page

Resource pages are more powerful than you thought. These are the benefits of creating a resource pages:

It helps you rank higher in search engines for specific keywords/keyphrases.
It converts visitors into subscribers
It improves the usability of your site

Publish Excellent Content

Being at the top of search ranking results requires one thing: your website must have an excellent content. You need to publish relevant and unique content on your website be it infographics, guest posts, white papers, e-books, case studies, or resource pages.

Partner With Influencers

Influencers have already established a strong relationship with their readers. And partnering with them might polish your online reputation real good. You can start with being a regular contributor to their blogs. Insert a link of your website every time you publish an article.

Look For Business Mention

Business Mentions are a great way to build links for your website. When searching for your brand name, don’t just type your business name. Add relevant keywords that you you think would be listed on the page.

Local Directories

Directories are the best way to improve your online visibility within your community. Additionally, directories are being visited by active users daily. So there is a big possibility that your company will be seen by users who want to avail your services.

Get Reviews

Reviews will make your brand more reliable and trustworthy. You can ask a customer to write a review on Facebook. They can also just post a status about your company or publish a blog review about it. Once people see the good reviews from your company, there will have little or no hesitation about purchasing a product from you.

Look For Hidden Opportunities

Have you tried looking for keywords that have resulted in an inquiry? Have you ensured that you have a good ranking for these keywords? Make sure that you have a good ranking in every marketable keywords for your website. You can use Google Webmaster Tool or Google Analytics for this.

Establishing a good online visibility for your small business website is indeed a challenge especially if you have just started. But with these simple tips, your business can go from zero to hero. If you want faster and better results, you may acquire advertising agency services for your business website.


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